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Cortez, a Polish painter from Katowice, born in 1963. Cortez is an artistic nickname with which he signs his works. He creates classic, realistic works, impressionism, surrealism and cubism. He specializes in creating copies of works by masters of the period: Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau. Most often, however, it copies the representatives of the so-called Young Poland. He creates for the pleasure of fighting with the high skill of the greatest artists. Neither the work to be copied nor its format constitute an obstacle in the execution of the order. He paints in oil technique on canvas or wood. He also draws with great ease. Most often, copies of such painters as Rembrandt, Kowalski, Brandt, Chełmoński, Matejko, Monet, Kossak, Repin, Shishkin, Beksiński, Szermentowski, Chardin, Vermeer, Ajwazowski and many other great painters come from under his brush.

A word from the artist: When the brush glides over the canvas and slowly spreads the paint, I know that the result is an image that will please the eyes of those who will look at it.

dimensions: 40x50 cm

technique: oil on canvas